Replace Existing Level Wind with an Electronic Controlled Level Wind

It is an add on module to your Existing Winch, requires 110 or 220 VAC and a quadrature encoder to the drum. An Electronic Level Wind will save you a lot of money anytime you have to change the umbilical size or you need Heave Compensation, Tension Control, etc.

Mechanical Interface

We will retrofit any existing winch regardlessof of length and size of the drum. Drive Mechanism for the Electronic Level Wind Control is not connected to the Winch Drive, the Sheave diameter will fit any bending radius of Umbilical.


LevelWind 4
Level Wind advance rate is displayed on the 4th line of the LCD display. It is displayed in units of mm per winch turn, and is adjustable between 0 and 25 mm/turn in 0.01 mm steps.
The advance rate can be adjusted at any time during the winch operation, and the rate takes effect immediately.

winch rentals

Let us know your application and we'll work with you to customize a Winch to your requirements

Professional engineering services


We can help you choose the right winch for your application.
We can design a custom winch to suit your budget and schedule.
We deliver Complete Technical Documentation with our Custom Winches.



We provide technical information concerning manufacturing techniques and materials. We advise our customers on process advantages and limitations. We think outside the box with determination and creative solutions while keeping cost and quality in mind.


Electric powered winches are AC driven and uses the latest proven Baldor technology in flux vector drives. The controls are all solid state and permit infinitely variable speed from 2% to 100% of the maximum rated RPM while providing full torque at any RPM down to zero. Microprocessor based controls are provided with RS232 inputs and can be programmed for automated depoyment, tension and speed control including preprogrammed speed and tension profiles. This control feature also permits direct heave compensation and bottom following which can be controlled by a tow body height above bottom using input from a bottom sensor.



We design and build the Control System to be integrated with your system - Software, Mechanical, Electrical Integration. Our installation team will assist you in comissioning and integration with your existing system and have your system functioning again as soon as possible.